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You Are Under Threat Of Being Repossessed

You Are Behind In Your Payments Or Going Through Repossession

  • Any borrower behind with their loan repayments, or already under risk of being repossessed, is on a slope of falling into the stock of property owned by banks. Clever vulture investors can visit courts to discover who is being repossessed. They can then try to take advantage of your bad luck and steal your home from you.
  • The truth is, the longer you wait to act, the more pressure builds up on your negotiating power, and if you don’t do anything, you will eventually run out of options and lose your home to your lender.
  • Added to this by appointing an estate agent you will likely not be able to find a buyer quick enough to stall the bank. You simply cannot afford a “wait-and-see” attitude, but need to work with a proactive direct buyer right now.
  • We can help. We work with a team of experienced negotiators who are completing our purchases in a timely manner and specialise in creating win-win solutions for even the most hopeless repossession victim.
  • We have solutions to stop your repossession now.